With global connections and a number of offices throughout Asia we are well situated to procure a wide range of food and drink products.

Key products:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Fruit
  • Vanilla
  • Cocoa
  • Rice
  • Coffee
  • Edible Oil
  • Tin food

Our full suite of corporate food service programs includes:

    1. Hotel food services
    2. Camp Catering
    3. Cruise ship industries
    4. Retail Supermarkets
    5. Wholesale
    6. Corporate Catering
    7. Hospitals
    8. Aged care facilities
    9. Defence
    10. Aviation services
    11. Airlines

As a tier-one provider with extensive experience in running projects from a 20- person exploration and pipeline camps, to some of the largest operational camps with circa 3000+ persons, we have the systems ,procedures and people to ensure successful outcomes.


Quality Food and Products from Trusted Food Service Distributors

We understand the value and cost-effectiveness of sourcing quality ingredients and products from trusted manufacturers. In addition to sourcing food from local farms and partners whenever possible, we have relationships with several national farmers whose brands our clients know and respect. We also purchase thousands of products ranging from paper plates, napkins, and packaging, to serving and eating utensils, our strong relationships with trusted local and national farming partners afford us excellent buying power that translates into savings for our clients.


Consistent Quality Food Services Provider

At Asiapac foods we believe that success depends on the supply of high-quality products, packages and services that meet and exceed customer and consumer expectations of our brand products. Fundamental to this is the responsibility to ensure the quality and food safety of all the products we distribute across our markets.

We are committed to continually enhancing the reputation of the brands we represent and distribute, maintaining consumer confidence in our portfolio through the development and implementation of quality and food safety systems, standards, and practices.

The following quality and food safety principles are the foundation of Asiapac Foods commitment to quality and food safety:

    1. Manufacture and deliver products that meet the highest quality and food safety standards, assuring product and process integrity.
    2. Meet all statutory and regulatory requirements for quality and food safety, including mutually agreed customer requirements related to quality and food safety.
    3. Include quality and food safety strategies in the annual business planning process to ensure that food safety and quality remains an integral part of operations.

We only source the freshest and finest ingredients throughout the globe from our fresh produce farmers through to our beef producers to ensure paddock to plate excellence.


Superior Value Among Food Service Operators

Our proven strategies for efficient food operations, coupled with our deep relationships with local and national distributors, enable each AP brand to deliver outstanding value to customers. Fresh ingredients, quality products, and attentive service combined with convenience and affordability provides our clients with peace of mind that they are receiving superior value for their wise investment.


Logistics and Order Management

Asia Pac Logistics designs flexible, innovative, and tailor-made solutions adapted to all types of products transported under controlled temperature worldwide.

  • Fresh produce (dairy, meat, cold cuts, etc.) +4°C
  • Sea food +4°C
  • Fruit and vegetables +8°C
  • Pastries, liquid foodstuffs, chocolate +16°C
  • Frozen products -25°C
  • Multimodal transport, chartering, express under temperature controlled.
  • Refrigerated ocean containers (reefers) and air containers.
  • Special packaging: dry ice

Supplier order management, where our systems can link with yours ensuring stock management and minimizing food waste.


Our supply partners are strategically located in QLD/NSW/VICTORIA & Northern Territory.

Collectively they produce over125k head of cattle per week.

We cover all cuts of beef from whole through to ready made for catering pack styles, we have the ability to custom pack for customers’ a full range of cuts from weight to packaging.

Examples of this are 250grm/500grm/750grm and 1kg tray packs.


Our piggeries are centrally located in QLD & NSW producing over 25k head per week.

Again we can catering to bulk packs right through to customised smaller tray packaging.


With our supply partners located in NSW & Victoria we have strategic alliance in our supply chain.

Collectively they produce in excess of 85k head per week.

Again we ship bulk & custom pack styles tailored to the clients need and can pivot very quickly.


Our seafood partners source only the finest fresh and frozen seafood around the globe ensuring our customer’s eating expreience is not only consistent but of the highest quality.


Sourcing the finest Australian poultry with market leading suppliers, our poultry offer our customers year-round supply with multiple pack styles available.


We partner with all leading Australian manufacturers and our range provides over 25 lines of strategic smallgoods offerings nation wide.

Fresh Produce

We source directly from the farm and with over 30 years experience we understand the FP landscape, quality and controls to ensure the absolute premium offering for our customers.

Our supply range is national in every state regarding our supply partners with in excess of 60 product lines available, in bulk or some custom options where feasible.

Dry Goods

We cover dairy, condiments, sweets, sauces, cereals, wheat, flour, Seafood, and an extensive frozen products range and more across a range consisting of more than 3000+lines of offerings working directly with the manufactures both within Australia and globally.