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ASIAPAC Sourcing & Logistics Ltd (formerly Sonway Asia Ltd) was established in 2003 as a specialist company for organisations and companies looking to do business in Asia. Since then, we have expanded, providing professional services throughout the Asia-Pacific region and islands making us a multi-national company your business can trust. Over the past 17 years, we have been assisting our customers globally with their supply chain needs, regardless of size, location or industry.

Our true strength is understanding how business is done in Asia, from negotiating best market rates, security of supply and ensuring delivery on schedule. We are our customers most reliable option in providing complete end to end solutions. With years of experience we have built strong relationships throughout the region and we are confident we can provide a solution which best suits your requirements.

Our services are completely transparent with no hidden charges.

Most businesses find to source a product at the right price is difficult and time consuming, then even more difficult is the job of finding reputable manufacturers with genuine experience and relevant certifications, along with full understanding and care of your exact requirements. AsiaPAC does all this and more.

About the team


Managing Director Melissa Bromley co-founded ASIAPAC (formerly Sonway) in 2003 and has grown it into the international operation that it is today. With two decades of experience, Melissa has strong expertise in sourcing and procurement, manufacturing, quality control, import/export and logistics. She has a pragmatic and client-focussed approach, and is a trusted advisor across a broad range of industries throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, China and Papua New Guinea.


With over 30years’ experience, Adam has an extensive knowledge of the FMCG Fresh sectors and has held various senior management positions across supply chain, Global procurement, sales, and logistics.

Over the past 13 years he has successfully built global supply sales and national distribution companies covering all aspects within the fresh food sector.

Adams accountabilities encompass the end-to end management of food compliance, suppliers, manufacturing, supply chain and sustainability whilst leading development and execution of marketing, brand, and customer strategies.

With an extensive network of suppliers globally covering domestic- import and export markets he brings farm to plate excellence.

Angus Earl | PNG SALES

Angus has an extensive back ground in Papua New Guinea, hence in a position to provide a personal quality of service to our PNG based clients, all underpinned with a practiced understanding of the local business landscape, the multicultural mechanisms and the commercial platform requirements.

Leifu Suen

Leifu has sound experience in the international sales and logistics space, having lived and worked in Shanghai for over 5 years, dealing with major international supermarkets and retailers. Leifu also has a background in finance, majoring in the FX sector which assists his internationally trading clients manage currency risk. Leifu’s ability to provide a fulfilling and cost effective service to his clients leads to the perfect partnership between our client base and our operations in Asia.


Financial Controller Ms. Shan has in excess of 25 year experience in the areas of accounting, law, operationsmanagement, and shipping. She has been responsible for all aspect of Sonway’s accounting and administration since the Company was established on 2003. Ms. Shan is a qualified accountant.


Sir Michael Bromley

Sir Michael Bromley has extensive international business experience from over 50 years of operating and advising companies in countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, China and Papua New Guinea, principally in retail and logistics operations. He is Chairman of Heli Niugini Ltd, Waratah Resources Ltd and Chemica Ltd, in addition to being a Director of Steamship trading Company Ltd, Maps Tuna Ltd, New Guinea Energy Ltd, Sek No: 35 Ltd, and Hoia investments Ltd.

Roger Ellis Gee

Roger Ellis Gee is a long standing member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand Institute and has extensive international business and accounting experience gained from over 50 years background in the related fields in countries including Russia, China, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Cyprus principally in aviation, import/export trading and property management and development. He is a Director of Kalibr OAO, Redwing Limitedand Aerolift International Limited.

Jon Macindoe

Mr.Jon Macindoe MMGT, FAIM, GAICD, currently operates a private consultancy which provides business improvement and project management services to organizations in Papua New Guinea’s private sector. He has over 40 years managerial including periods in which he held senior roles with several ASX listed organizations. Jon is also a director of family owned businesses with interests in manufacturing and trading in Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong and China.

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